Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the event being held?

For security purposes, we do not reveal the host hotel & venue until after a person purchases a ticket to the event. It helps us cut down on people attempting to sneak into the conference. Once you purchase a ticket, the venue’s address will be revealed & you can make your lodging selection afterwards. If there are rooms available in our block, you will be presented with the hotel booking link for our group.

Is the event being livestreamed & if so, are e-attendance tickets available?

The event will not be livestreamed. There are no virtual tickets available for the event.

Is the event being recorded & if so, are the recordings for sale?

Yes, the event will be recorded. The recordings will be posted several weeks after the event in the Rebel Capitalist Pro! Forum for subscribers as part of the subscription service. The recordings will not be for sale to the general public.