Rebel Capitalist Live IV

Let our macroeconomics and personal freedom experts help you build wealth and thrive in a world of out-of-control central banks and big governments. Reserve Your Seat Now!

May 12-14, 2023 | Orlando, FL

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Learn how the global economy can impact your personal economy.


Personal Freedom

Whether it’s learning how to start your own farm or obtaining a second passport, we help you learn how to become as self-sufficient as possible.


Portfolio Building

Learn portfolio-building strategies from top experts in various fields such as precious metals, cryptocurrency, real estate, & fund management.


Gold / Bitcoin

Safe-haven or speculation, we cover it all.


Real Estate

From single-family homes to multi-million-dollar apartment complexes, our experts can help you navigate the current trends in the market.

mike maloney 200
Mike Maloney

CEO and founder of

Peter schiff Rebel Capitalist Live 4
Peter Schiff

Chief Economist & Global Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital

Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes

Constitutional/Free Speech Lawyer

ken McElroy
Ken McElroy

Real Estate Expert, Advisor to The Rich Dad Company

Chris Macintosh

Founder @ Capitalist Exploits

jason Hartman
Jason Hartman

Real Estate Investor, Host of the Creating Wealth Show

Lyn Alden
Lyn Alden

Investor, Engineer & Writer, Founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy

Simon black
Simon Black

Founder of Sovereign Research

Robert Helms

M.C. – The Real Estate Guys

brent Johnson
Brent Johnson

Portfolio Manager, CEO of Santiago Capital

Jeff Snider

Eurodollar University – Global Currency Expert

Bob Murphy 200px
Bob Murphy

Author and Senior Fellow with the Mises Institute, Chief Economist at infineo

George Gammon

Macro Expert, Personal Freedom Advocate

Our VIP Guests

Keep an eye out for these Pros at RCL4!

Robert Kiyosaki

Best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Simon Caron
Simon Caron

The Uneducated Economist Youtube Channel

Tracy Shuchart

Macro Expert, Energy Analyst

Steven Van Metre

Youtuber & Money Manager